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The Hunger: The Complete Second Season - Showtime television series DVD / drama DVD review
Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America rating: 4 stars
Actors: David Bowie, Giovanni Ribisi, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Beals, Brad Dourif, William Katt
Creator: Jeff Fazio   Distributor: E1 Entertainment
DVD release: 13 October 2009   Runtime: 616 minutes
(4 discs)
Format: Box set, Color, DVD, NTSC
Features: Aspect ratio 1.33:1, Audio tracks (Dolby Digital Mono - English), 22 Season Two episodes, Mr. Skin's Top Ten Nude Scenes from The Hunger

The second season of The Hunger has the same frenetic industrial music opening, the same producers (Tony and Ridley Scott), but there is a new host with a very strong connection to the 1983 movie in David Bowie. He not only takes over for Terrence Stamp in hosting duties - he also stars in the first episode entitled "Sanctuary." Giovanni Ribisi also stars in this episode, and showing up at an abandoned prison where Bowie plays a bizzare, if not highly disturbed artist. It's one of the better episodes and a great start to the anthology.

As with the first, the second season of The Hunger brims with sensual energy. For the most part, the erotic scenes are intense and full of lust, giving guys or girls their money's worth in the showing-skin department. Only the opening episode excludes a sexual component. For the rest of the season, it's almost exclusively the main component.

It's not comporable in terms of strength of storyline to classic anthologies such as The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Other horror anthologies such as Tales from the Darkside had the benefit of genre legends - like writers Stephen King and George A. Romero, and makeup maestro Tom Savini behind the camera - but the intesity was PG to PG-13 TV-timid with nary even an allusion to sex. Tales from the Crypt had the benefit of being on HBO so could go beyond the limits of broadcast TV in terms of dialogue and gore, but The Hunger stands out with its unique blend of sex and horror - and without question some fantastic cinematography. Everything is vivid and expressive.

In terms of gore and violence, The Hunger has its fair share, but that's not the main driving force behind the series. Minus the opening episode (don't want to give away any spoilers), where you have a good gory twist, the season doesn't go over-the-top like the recent Masters of Horror anthology. The stories aren't always as strong, but what it lacks in gore and scares it more than makes up for with passionate, erotic sex scenes. It's all soft-core - there's plenty of boob-showing with only a smidge of full-frontal.

As for notable names, there aren't as many as last season, though David Bowie's character taking over as host makes those segments interesting throughout. Other familiar faces include The four-disc box set contains all twenty-two episodes of the season plus one bonus feature:

Disc 1:
  • Sanctuary
  • Skin Deep
  • Dream Sentinel
  • And She Laughed
  • Nunc Dimittis
  • WeekWoman
Disc 2:
  • Night Bloomer
  • The Diarist
  • Sin Seer
  • Triangle In Steel
  • Brass
  • Replacements
Disc 3:
  • I'm Very Dangerous Tonight
  • Wrath Of God
  • Bottle of Smoke
  • The Perfect Couple
  • The Sacred Fire
  • Approaching Desdemona
Disc 4:
  • The Seductress
  • Double
  • The Falling Man
  • The Suction Method
  • Bonus: Mr.Skin's Top Ten Nude Scenes from The Hunger Seasons 1 and 2.
When it's all said and done, The Hunger: Season Two is a very enjoyable anthology series.
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reviewed by Bobby Blades
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