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What on Earth?...: Inside the Crop Circle Mystery - documentary DVD review
WHAT ON EARTH?...: INSIDE THE CROP CIRCLE MYSTERY Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating: 3 1/2 stars
Featuring: Suzanne Taylor, Andreas Mueller, Paul Vigay, John Mack, John Paul DeVierville (PhD)
  Production company: Mighty Companions
DVD release: 01 July 2009   Runtime: 81 min. (1 disc)
Format: NTSC or PAL

Crop circles have appeared around the world in over 40 different countries and much farther back into history than most people today realize. Who is to say, really, how far back in time the crop circles have been making appearances on Earth? What is their purpose? Who is behind their complex designs and physical creation? Such questions have sparked many lively debates, many interesting theories, and virtually no proof of a significant answer to these age-old questions. When all is said and done, crop circles are no less a mystery today than they have ever been.

"Croppies" are in personal pursuit of the elusive answers surrounding crop circles. Their quest for the knowledge that will reveal the answers and powers behind these creations are never-ending yet infinitely rewarding. The spiritual contentment that croppies connect with the circles leaves an insight that internal sources within the mind and soul may play a huge part in their creation.

Unfortunately, the credibility and hype about crop circles came into question with the spontaneous surfacing of two unknown men claiming responsibility for the circles. They demonstrated their methods, made headlines, and quashed all rumors about aliens-then they were gone. The fallout has left the crop circles a wasted avenue of interest for most of the world. For croppies, the significance remains, and their search for answers has in no way diminished.

At the heart of all that occurs concerning crop circles lies the ranging substantiation that croppies strive to make sense of as they formulate personal and group theories. Some evidence ties to whether a given crop circle is a manufactured hoax or the real deal from unknown speculated energy sources. Other evidence ties to the annals of history to contradict present-day claims; even more is speculative at best per personal claims of miraculous healing.

There is even a discovered mathematical theory-an insight that seems to floor the croppies-bringing proven geometric surety to the determination of crop circle validity. This revelation is not so remarkable to any artist or scientific admirer of the great Leonardo da Vinci, a man whose blazing trail in life has shown the remarkable connection between art (in this case, crop circles) and mathematics. However, the ability for these modern-day intellectuals to develop a geometry equation to backwards-engineer complex, artistic crop circles for validation is a mark in their favor.

After 15 years of being a dedicated crop-circle enthusiast, Suzanne Taylor produced What on Earth?...: Inside the Crop Circle Mystery. The insider's knowledge and revelations concerning the mysteries surrounding some of the most spontaneously created artistic works the planet has ever known is fascinating. The incredible visuals of crop circles that have made appearances mesmerize the viewer; their variety is shocking. To most non-croppies, the footage and interesting data tied to crop circles is impressionable. Sadly, from a skeptic's perspective, some of the experts featured in the film do not engender a positive reception. Skeptics already view the idea currently selling as a turn-off; it does not help the film's argument to use voices that only reinforce skeptics' negative perspectives. While this video is obviously not meant to convert viewers to the views of the croppies, it does do exactly what it intends: restates the questions behind the who, how, and why of these artistic wonders while simultaneously opening the mind to possibilities that extend beyond ourselves.
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reviewed by Sonia R. Polinsky
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