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Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States - Season 1 - animated DVD / children's and family DVD / comedy DVD review
LIL' BUSH: RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - SEASON ONE Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America rating: 2 stars
Actors: Chris Parson, Kari Wahlgren, Iggy Pop
Creator: Donick Cary   Distributor: Comedy Central
DVD release: 11 March 2008   Feature runtime: 132 minutes
(1 disc)
Format: Animated, Color, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC
DVD Features: Closed Caption, Special audio commentary (Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader, Tucker Carlson(, Never-before-seen bonus episode "Walter Reed," Lil' George's White House tour, Behind the scenes, Interviews with the cast & creators and table read

Lil' Bush takes a simple premise and fails to make it funny enough to enjoy thoroughly. The premise is that we follow the lives of a young President George W. Bush (the current president, in case you haven't kept up with the news), his cronies, and their exploits in elementary school. It's like (and I hate these kind of comparisons) South Park meets the current administration without the well-earned laughs South Park provides.

We've got lil' Bush, lil' Rummy, lil' Condi, lil' Cheney, and a cast of other lil' Washington elite, past and present. The situations are funny and raw and disgusting - and in some cases, tragically insightful. The voice actors do an admirable job. Bush himself is pretty accurate and then pushed over the top. Bush Sr. is sort of a Dana Carvey does Bush Sr. with a heaping spoonful of goofy added for good measure.

The problem is that, although the situations themselves are amusing, the scenes fail to produce laughs. I've tried to figure out why this is and found that it must be the dialogue. The cast seems to be filled with straight-men (and women). The scene in which we discover that Barbara Bush is assembled from dead former presidents (with the addition of lady parts) should be a laugh-out-loud funny moment, but there's no joy in it.

Another sticking point is the convoluted time line. Bush Sr. is in the White House, Bush Jr. is in elementary school. Tony Blair and Kim Jong Il are exchange students (in elementary school?). At times they seem to draw from present time to make their stories. It's not impossible to live with, but it could be better.

Lil' Bush shows some promise, but it needs to make me laugh before I'll let it into my heart, or onto my TV.
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reviewed by Eric Renshaw
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