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HomestarRunner - SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits - animated DVD / independent, arthouse and international DVD / comedy DVD / Internet cartoon series DVD review
HOMESTARRUNNER - SBEMAILS' 50 GREATEST HITS Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America rating: 4 stars
Featuring: Matt Chapman, Melissa Palmer, Mike Chapman, John Linnell, Ryan Sterritt
Directors: Mark Chapman, Mike Chapman Distributor: Microcinema
DVD release: 28 July 2009 Feature runtime: 196 minutes (1 disc)
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC
DVD features: Aspect ratio 1.33:1, Audio tracks (Dolby Digital Stereo - English), Easter eggs, a long-running and highly popular online cartoon series, stars StrongBad, a Mexican wrestler who wears boxing gloves and answers actual emails submitted by viewers. SrtongBad has two brothers: StrongMad, a larger wrestler with absolutely no neck, and StrongSad, who is sort of a cross between the Michelin Man and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Each week, StrongBad answers an email in bizarre but often hilarious ways. SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits, as the name implies, features 50 of the best emails StrongBad and his brothers have answered. Among my favorites:
  1. Techno - in which StrongBad creates his own techno beat. Funny, but disturbingly accurate.
  2. Japanese Cartoon - in which StrongBad re-imagines himself as an anime character. Again, funny, but disturbingly accurate.
  3. For Kids - in which StrongBad creates an educational preschool show. Totally off the wall, but strangely reminiscent of The Electric Company and Teletubbies.
  4. Action Figure - in which StrongBad designs an action figure of himself, complete with glow-in-the-dark abs and battle scars that become visible when wet.
  5. Band Names - in which StrongBad teaches us how to create the name of a heavy metal band by simply choosing a "cool" name and changing a few letters (Limozeen, for instance).
One minor problem with the DVD: These skits were originally designed to be shorts seen online every week. While nearly all are pretty funny, some of the skits and jokes can get a bit repetitive, not to mention weird; watching too many of the jokes in a row can get a bit tedious. Also, if one does not find off-the-wall comedy funny (think most of the Adult Swim cartoons), I would not recommend these cartoons.

Still, it is fun to pick and choose the best ones, a few at a time. I did find even the most bizarre skits quite funny. Like a big plate of appetizers at a party, I recommend picking and choosing, but not trying to eat it all at once.

Note: The DVD is full of Easter eggs. Just have fun searching.
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reviewed by Trent Daniel
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