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Oswald's Ghost - American Experience (PBS) - documentary DVD review
Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America rating: 3 stars
Director: Joe Myers   Distributor: Inecom Entertainment
DVD release: 19 February 2008   Runtime: 86 min. (1 disc)
DVD Features: Audio tracks (English, Stereo), Subtitles (English)

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in the assassination of JFK? Was he working for the CIA? Fidel Castro? The KGB? At this point, the trail may be too cold to ever know for sure. Oswald's Ghost takes us back to Dallas 1963 to poke around a bit and learn more about the Kennedy assassination. We see the Zapruder film several times, with several freeze-frames. We pore over interesting tidbits about Oswald's life. We see some rare footage and hear from Dan Rather, Norman Mailer, Gary Hart, and many others. Director Robert Stone (no relation to Oliver), attempts to deconstruct this moment in time and offers some suggestion as to how it happened.

Stone shows us a few of the assassination theories but doesn't go too deeply into any of them, perhaps fearing that any of those rabbit holes could possibly take over his film and make it unwieldy. The whole deal does seem pretty strange. Oswald didn't seem to have any clear motive; Jack Ruby didn't seem to really plan Oswald's murder - just seemed to occur to him. The truth died with Oswald in '63 and Ruby in '67.

Oswald's Ghost seems to merely scratch the surface on this dark page in America's pas and makes me want to see Oliver Stone's JFK again. I remain a fan of the lone gunman theory, perhaps mostly because I don't care to invest the time in reading the thousands of books on the subject. Too many rabbit holes.
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reviewed by Eric Renshaw
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