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Heavy Times - comedy DVD / HBO television DVD review
HEAVY TIMES Not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America curledupdvd.com rating: 1 star
Featuring: Brian D. Evans, Adam Lauver, Melina Chadbourne, Jeff Koen, Jay Brunner, Keaton Farmer
Directors: Benjamin Mark, Ryan McKenna   Studio: Nut Pony Films
Release: 2011  

*Heavy Times*HEAVY TIMES is a movie about three friends kidnapped by one's brother-in-law, who insists on showing the trio the time of their lives by taking them to Montreal.

While the storyline's plot has potential, the movie as a whole is missing some key ingredients of successful road-trip movies. Rather than meeting quirky characters who put up roadblocks to the group's destination, the audience tires quickly of the most outrageous character always in the lead. Combined over-use of profanity and under-use of scantily clad women alone will prevent this picture from achieving status as a wide public release.

The acting is average at best. The most memorable characters are the brother-in-law, Rick O'Leary (Jeff Koen), and one of the friend's satanic college roommate, Gunther (Keaton Farmer). Even the brother-in-law's antics and constant profanity grow old after a while. As for the rest of the cast.anyone off of the street could do an equal if not better job of delivering the lines.

A camera work reveals itself in numerous scenes where the angle is way too wide which detracts from the characters and story. A few shots are completely different from the rest of the picture, as if they were shot on a completely different camera technology for no apparent reason.

The only use this reviewer sees for this movie is a college beer-drinking game requiring you to drink every time the F-bomb gets dropped. Unfortunately, I don't think the entire movie would ever be seen; everyone would be passed out before the end.
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reviewed by Troy Hartman
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